What is hypnobirthing?

KG Hynobirthing is a complete antenatal course and it Royal College of Midwives accredited.

These are just some of the benefits of hypnobirthing:

  • Your birth is likely to be more comfortable even pain free.

  • Babies and mothers often bond more easily as they meet in a more serene and gentle way.

  • Hypnobirthing mums often have shorter labours with less drugs and medical interventions needed

  • Hypnobirths are normally less physically taxing, helping you bounce back more quickly and care for your little one more easily
  • It gives Dads (or other birth partners) an active role in labour, making sure giving birth is a shared, memorable experience for both of you

  • This birth video is a beautiful example of how different labour can be

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The KG Hypnobirthing course was designed by mums with mums to be in mind. I will give you:


We will talk openly and honestly about what to expect and what will happen. You can ask any question and I will answer as best I can.

By understanding all this upfront, you can begin to trust your body and not worry about your birth.

We will also get your birth partner feeling happier too. It works for them too and they will get their head round their important role in the birth.


From me, a new mum who used hypnobirthing recently and remembers what it was like. I’ll be there for questions or a pep talk from when you start your class to when your baby arrives.

We can meet up with the other new mums when you’ve found your feet and celebrate with tea and cake.


The real and actual belief that you can do this.

The knowledge that all those bad birth stories you hear need not be yours.

The truth that you can politely decline all advice that is offered to you because you’re going to do things your way, thanks very much.

You will feel calm, reassured, fully in control, knowledgeable and ready to meet your baby!

Every woman, birth and baby are unique so there is no one way of thinking and it’s really not about:

  • Perusing one kind of birth. If you want a natural home birth then great but all the technique you will learn can be used anywhere. The main goal is that you feel happy and comfortable with your decisions.
  • Accepting any amount of pain. You can use whatever pain relief you would like! We will discuss these options.
  • Making you do crazy things under hypnosis. There will be no animal noises or doing weird things. Just awesome deep relaxation and positive thinking..

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