What you’ll learn

My classes are relaxed and informal and you will learn everything you need to prepare for your birth. They’ll be plenty of time to talk and to make it personally relevant to you. And all questions, no matter how embarrassing, will be answered!

Classes follow the KGH method, as taught by Katherine Graves, the author of The Hypnobirthing Book. It’s usually about 12 hours of teaching and can be split into these 4 subjects.

Class 1 – Introduction to hypnobirthing, understanding your body and birth, the power of the mind
Class 2 – Breathing practice, relaxation techniques, preparing your body for birth
Class 3 – The later stages of pregnancy, how labour starts
Class 4 – Where to give birth, how to use what you’ve learnt (including a practice timetable so you can keep on track), creating a positive birth environment

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With each fee paying class, you will get:

  • The course handout pack – your quick reference guide to use to help your preparations for birth including information resources and relaxation scripts
  • A copy of the Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing book
  • The Colour and Calmness – daily relaxation and positive affirmation MP3s or CD
  • Positive mantra cards – a convenient size so they can be used frequently
  • Ongoing personal support to keep you on track until you meet your baby
  • Tea/coffee and cake

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