About me


I took a hypnobirthing course when I was pregnant because I wanted better for myself. I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy, I wanted to be able to brush off the negative birth stories that people told me with what seemed like glee and I really, really didn’t want to come away from my experience with regrets.

Whatever happened, I wanted to be there and present, eyes wide open, making decisions, unafraid and trusting in my body and ability to do it. I kept looking around at all the other people I passed on the street thinking ‘They got here somehow’ and then at all the mums with new babies thinking ‘ If they can do it, I can too’.

I was grateful for my strong will (my husband might say stubbornness) as I had a much more comfortable birth than I could ever have hoped for. I was able to have the positive, calm, at home water birth I planned for. There is absolutely nothing special about me – I don’t have an unusually high pain threshold, I’m not really a hippie and I’m not a masochist (although none of those things are bad!). I’m just a mum.

Watching anxious expectant couples transform into chilled and confident parents to be is the reason I do this job. This course can be really powerful.

I hope to give people the confidence in themselves and their bodies so that they can lift themselves about a standard, dates and protocol led experience and make it their own. Our bodies and instincts are powerful, I think we should use that to our advantage.

I became a fully qualified Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing teacher after having trained on her course which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

I’m also training to be a nutritional therapist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. When I get a chance, I write for The Natural Parent Magazine. I’m from Forest Hill and still live there with my husband and little girl.