Want to feel more confident & less worried?

Hey gorgeous mama to be!

Are you looking for a way to have a calmer, more positive birth? Or a way to help you get the birth you’d hoped for?

I can help!

Plan the right birth for you.

The first thing to say is – “a perfect birth” doesn’t exist, the only birth you want is the one that’s right for you and your baby. It may be at home or in hospital but you should plan for whatever you feel deep down is best for you.

I had my baby at home, in a pool, using only gas and air, despite being a ‘high risk’ mother. I took a hypnobirthing course as early as I could in my pregnancy and I practiced as much as I could. I also stuck to my plan even when things started to look a bit less positive.

So now I know about how to plan for the kind of birth you have your heart set on. And I’m a registered KG Hypnobirthing teacherΒ too, so I can teach you that.

I teach group classes in Forest Hill and private classes in the surrounding areas.

Yes, please! I want a calm birth

I’m not really a hippy, I’m also not really a control freak. I just wanted to give myself and my family a calm, gentle way to get started, that didn’t involve lots of people, lots of beeps and very bright lights.

I can’t promise you the most perfect birth but I can promise you will feel more confident, less worried, better informed and more chilled about your upcoming labour if you work with me.


I teach hypnobirthing because I love to watch worried expecting couples transform into fearless and chilled parents in waiting, all ready to meet their baby and start family life.

You really can do it, no matter what stories you’ve been told or what your mum thinks. Spending time on preparing for birth is a great investment. And hypnobirthing mums normally experience shorter and less painful labours. Doesn’t that sound good?

Still not sure? Try a taster session